Bad Habits That Can Affect Your Oral Health And Smile

Bad Habits That Can Affect Your Oral Health And Smile

Posted by Fay Hu DMD on Feb 8 2023, 05:03 AM

Bad Habits That Can Affect Your Oral Health And Smile

Bad habits, such as smoking cigarettes or using chewing tobacco, can affect your whole body, including your oral health. Below are a few habits that can affect your oral health.

Not Brushing Enough

If plaque isn’t removed from the mouth, it hardens into tartar. When left in the mouth, the bacteria in plaque and tartar can cause gum disease. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. This can happen when bacteria spread from the gums to the teeth causing tooth decay and, eventually the loss of the tooth itself. The best way to prevent this serious condition is to brush at least twice a day and see the dentist regularly for checkups and professional cleanings.

In addition to brushing your teeth, it is also beneficial to floss daily. Flossing the spaces between the teeth removes food particles and plaque that can get caught in the hard-to-reach place. Without flossing these spaces, plaque can build up, leading to gum disease. Be sure to use proper technique when flossing so as to not cause damage to gum tissues in the process.


People who smoke or chew tobacco have an increased risk of developing oral cancer and gum disease, among other oral health issues. Tobacco users also face a higher risk of developing cavities. If you smoke and are worried about your oral health, talk to your dentist about quitting. Your dentist can suggest resources to help you quit. You can also help prevent future damage to your teeth by brushing daily with fluoride toothpaste. 

Skipping Dental Appointments

Many people skip their biannual appointments because they’re too busy or don’t feel like they have any dental issues. This isn’t always the best choice, however. There are a lot of little ways your oral health can suffer from a lack of professional care. For instance, it’s harder for your dentist to catch early signs of oral cancer if you’re not visiting regularly. Your dentist will also be checking the health of your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues to make sure everything looks healthy. And if you aren’t keeping up with your recommended twice-yearly visits, you could be setting yourself up for a cavity or other problem that will need to be treated immediately.

Using Your Teeth for Things They Shouldn’t Be Used For

Biting your nails is bad for your teeth! Not only can this habit cause teeth to break, but it also puts you at risk for infections of the mouth and gums. Instead of biting your nails, try to find other ways to cope with stress, such as exercising or meditating. Similarly, chewing on ice can chip your teeth and cause cracks in your teeth that are vulnerable to infection. You should also avoid opening packages with your teeth. Just use scissors or another tool to open them safely.

Frequent Snacking

If you’re snacking all the time, you could be harming your teeth and increasing your risk of tooth decay and cavities. While healthy snacks are fine every now and then, if you’re constantly eating throughout the day – or snacking at night while you’re in bed – you’re exposing your teeth to sugar more often. Sugar feeds the bacteria that live in your mouth that cause tooth decay, so without regular brushing, you could easily develop cavities.

Also, if you’re always snacking and never allowing yourself to feel full, you may be overeating and potentially developing obesity-related health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes. These conditions can also affect your oral health by causing dry mouth, which can lead to bad breath and gum disease.

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