Children's Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Regularly taking your children to the dentist is crucial in ensuring that they maintain optimum oral health. Dentists from all around the world agree that parents should start taking their kids for routine oral consultations from the time they start teething. The dentist will be able to keep a close track of the growth of their teeth and suggest suitable treatment if any oral condition, such as cavities, malocclusion, etc., is encountered.

What are the pediatric dentistry services we offer?

We offer a number of pediatric dentistry services, such as:

Cavity prevention and treatment: Cavities are by far the most common oral condition seen in children. This can be attributed to the high sugar consumption in the form of chocolates, candies, gummy bears, etc., and also improper oral hygiene. It is essential for parents to help and monitor their children by brushing their teeth until they are old enough to do it themselves. As a preventive method, we will suggest suitable oral hygiene practices. In case your child develops cavities, we will help to get rid of them by removing the decay, disinfecting the cavity, and placing a suitable tooth-colored filling in it.

Fluoride treatment: Fluoride is a mineral present in the teeth that helps to strengthen them and fight off cavities. Although it is supplied to the body through drinking water and the toothpaste we use, few children may not have enough amount of fluoride in the teeth due to demineralization. This makes them susceptible to cavities. Thus, we treat this condition through fluoride therapy, where a topical fluoride solution is applied to the teeth and rinsed off after a few minutes.

Orthodontic treatment: Malocclusion can ruin the aesthetics of your little one's smile. The best thing about getting early orthodontic treatment is that the teeth can be moved easily, and the chances of relapse are lesser. Your child would have a great smile from a young age, which would follow as they grow up. We offer orthodontic treatment in the form of dental braces and Invisalign.

Routine consultations: Routine dental consultations are crucial to ensure the child isn't developing any unforeseen oral conditions, such as cavities, gum diseases, etc. Also, we will check for plaque and tartar accumulation, as they are the major cause behind cavities. They will be removed by gently scaling the teeth.

Entrust us with your child's oral health. Our team of dental experts has a unique and friendly way around children, making the procedures fun and stress-free.

Please get in touch with us through online consultation or by calling us at 407-647-3223, and we'll guide you further.

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