Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies such as a knock off or a severely damaged tooth, injury to the soft tissues of the mouth due to external trauma, failed restorations, etc., can be quite tricky to deal with. Most of us would panic, not knowing what to do. This would only delay the first aid treatment that we're supposed to get, which could make the condition worse. Here are some of the common dental emergencies and how you should ideally handle them.

Broken tooth: Breaking the tooth can lead to severe pain and bleeding. Although you may enter a state of shock early on, it is essential you take the necessary action to stabilize the situation. Gargle your mouth with clean and cold water to get rid of the germs and any broken tooth pieces. Use a clean piece of gauze to put pressure on the injured site and control the bleeding. Also, you may place a damp washcloth or a cold pack on the cheek to reduce the pain and swelling. Rush to a dentist immediately to get yourself treated.

Avulsed tooth: A tooth that is completely knocked off from the socket is called an avulsed tooth. Such a condition can be highly painful and could lead to excessive bleeding as the nerves and blood vessels near the tooth would be disturbed or damaged. Visiting the dentist just on time after the injury could enable us to place the tooth back in the socket and allow it to reattach with the surrounding tissues. Hence, rinse the tooth with water holding the crown only, and place it in a glass of milk while bringing it along to the dentist. Also, use a cold pack and gauze to reduce pain and bleeding.

Injured lips / soft tissues: Sustaining severe impact forces to the mouth could injure the lips, gums, or the soft inner lining. This usually occurs when patients have got dental braces on, as the metal brackets or wires would press against the delicate tissues and cause cuts or bruises. If ignored, microbes in the mouth could infect the injured site, leading to more severe complications. Therefore, it is essential to get the wound treated at the earliest.

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