Night Guards

Night Guards

Bruxism is a sleep disorder where the patient subconsciously clenches the jaw and grinds their teeth while asleep. It is one of the prominent symptoms of sleep apnea - a health condition where the patient experiences shortness of breath and sudden blockages in the airway during sleep. It is essential to get bruxism treated at the earliest, failing, which could result in irreversible damage to the teeth.

What are the signs of bruxism?

Bruxism often goes unnoticed as the patient would experience it in their sleep. However, you could watch out for the following signs of bruxism:

  • Persistent headaches, especially soon after waking up
  • Noticing grainy particles in the mouth when you wake up, which could be the worn-out tooth surface due to grinding the teeth
  • Severe pain while moving the jaw, such as while chewing food, brushing the teeth, yawning, etc. It could be a result of TMD, which is the inflammation of the muscles and tissues surrounding the TMJ.
  • Due to severe wear, the teeth may appear shortened. Over time, this could expose the underlying dentin and make the teeth highly sensitive to hot and cold foods.
  • Inability to bite and chew food properly due to worn out biting surfaces

What is the solution?

A simple yet effective solution for bruxism is a nightguard. A night guard is an oral appliance made from dental-grade plastic. It prevents contact between the teeth from either jaw, thereby keeping them from undergoing wear. The guard also reduces the stress applied to the TMJ and surrounding tissues, which is an effective means to reduce the severity of TMD. We will diagnose your condition thoroughly, scan the teeth to make a digital impression of the teeth, and use the data to custom-fabricate a nightguard from dental-grade plastic. It will offer superior fit and protection and wouldn't interfere with the ideal alignment of the teeth.

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